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The Author page of Alisa Baranova Romanova. Here you can find all content written by Alisa, as well as information about the author and their work and contribution to Люлка изглед. We are very happy to introduce one of our most popular writers, Alisa Romanova.

Родом от Руска федерация, Alisa has contributed immensely to Люлка изглед and written many popular and engaging articles for many of our readers.

Covering mostly Asian-European news and culture as well as Earten European media and culture she offers our readers lots of helpful, well-written, humorous articles which keep readers coming back to her posts, making her one of our top authors/contributors.

Alisa is a 19-year-old student living in Саха, Русия. Along with studying language, Media Studies and Marketing she also writes articles for Люлка изглед in many different categories such as Най-добрите снимки, Ръководство за гледане, potential releases намлява Лично мнение.

Being from a rural town in one of the nation’s biggest republics, travelling is a huge part of Alisa’s life, however, she still finds time for her family and other aspects of town life as opposed to living in a big city.

In fact, according to her, she prefers it! Alisa likes romance movies, long walks, and reading, and she loves to party! You can find all her posts here: cradleview.net/author/cradleview or check out the first 100 of hers below. Enjoy!

Articles by Alisa Romanova

Here are articles written by Alisa Romanova. She has written content in many different niches and categories, and many of these go on to be very well-performing posts. For her latest 100 posts, please see them below. For all of her posts, please go here: Алиса Романова.

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