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Коми не може да общува манга том 1

Прочетете Коми не може да общува том 1

Komi Can’t Communicate is a very popular Manga that has recently been made into an Anime which is being released on Netflix. Komi Can’t Communicate has 5 episodes so far and is set to release another 7 to complete the 12 episode first season. We are going to showing you how you can read the […]

Профил на героя на Мери Саотоме

Тази публикация е посветена на героя Мери Саотоме от аниме Какегуруи. Тази публикация ще бъде актуализирана с добавянето на повече информация и съдържание в подкрепа на нейната секция. Моля, изчакайте, докато се добави новото съдържание.

Ще има ли Kakegurui сезон 3?

Kakegurui сезон 3, дата на издаване, къде да гледате и още

Kakegurui is a Dramatic Fictional Anime which came out in 2017. The Anime was well received when it came out and a season 2 was released in 2019. The second season got a lot more attention as it expand more on certain characters in the series. These included Yumeko Jabami, Mary Saotome, Ryota Suzui. In […]

Профил на герой Юмеко Джабами

Тази публикация е посветена на героя Yumeko Jabami от Anime Kakegurui. Още съдържание ще бъде добавено към тази публикация, когато се актуализира. Моля, проверете отново скоро.

Ханаби и Муги идеалната аниме двойка ли са?

Идеалната аниме двойка в Kuzu No Honkai

There are many ideal couples in Anime, and some of them really do stand out more than most. A really good example of an ideal couple in Anime might be Hanabi and Mugi from Kuzu No Honkai. The Dramatic Romance Anime which came out as the Scums Wish TV Series in 2017 had a split […]

Коми Шоуко - Коми не може да общува

Кой е Komi Shoukou – Коми не може да общува

Komi Shouko is the main character from the popular Anime Komi Can’t Communicate. But there’s something strange about her. She can’t talk. She can’t even utter one word. So who is Komi Shouko? And what role does she play in the Anime. In this article we’ll be going over her character and her role in […]

Най-добрите секси косплей видеоклипове

Най-добрите секси косплей видеоклипове

We all love Cosplay. It’s what allows fans to become better connected to their favourite show or game. There are many different Cosplayers out there and in this posts were going through the Best Sexy Cosplay Videos. There will be links going back to their original site. We are not affiliated with any of these […]

Обяснение на класната стая на елита

Обяснение на класната стая на елита

Classroom Of The Elite Anime was a popular Anime which originally came out on the 12th July 2017. The Anime was based on the manga of the same name which came out earlier in 2016,  in Media Factory’s Monthly Comic Alive. The Anime was well received and they’re already talks about a Classroom Of The […]

Kiyotaka Ayanokōji – Профил на персонажа

Тази публикация е посветена на героя Kiyotaka Ayanokōji, който се появява в Classroom Of The Elite. Очаквайте скоро още съдържание за този герой.

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