Syrian Song – May God Protect You, Assad By Hanin Al-Qaseer

Тази песен е изпята от Hanin Al-Qasee, популярна сирийска певица от Яброуд. The song was produced by Ninarand and was written by Yasser Alaya. The song was composed by Saad Al-Husseini. Fadi Morgan Arrangement Anas Karim Mix and Master: Muayad Al-Atrash Bubbly Tools Studio. The song talks about the long-reigning president of Syria or Souria, Башар ал-Асад намлява Сирия. It talks about God protecting Assad as he fills out his duty as Syrias leader. Here is May God Protect You Assad.

Още за сирийската музика

Syrian music such as songs like May God Protect You Assad have a rich and diverse history that spans several centuries. It has evolved over time, reflecting the country’s cultural, social, and political changes. Traditional Syrian music is deeply rooted in the Arab musical heritage but has also been influenced by various regional and international musical styles.

Traditional Syrian music encompasses several genres, including classical Arab music, Sufi music, and folk music. Classical Arab music, known as “tarab,” is characterized by its melodic and emotional style. It typically features complex vocal techniques and instrumental accompaniment with instruments like the oud, qanun, ney, and violin.

Prominent Syrian musicians like Sabah Fakhri намлява Mayada El Hennawy have contributed significantly to the preservation and popularization of classical Arab music.

Суфи music holds a special place in Syrian musical traditions. It is associated with spiritual practices and is often performed in Суфи gatherings and ceremonies. Sufi music utilizes repetitive chants and rhythmic patterns to induce a state of spiritual ecstasy and devotion. This genre emphasizes the connection between music, spirituality, and mysticism.

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Народна музика в Сирия е разнообразен и варира в различните региони. Всяка област има своите различни фолклорни традиции, характеризиращи се с уникални ритми, инструменти и лирични теми. Народна музика в Сирия often narrates stories of love, longing, and rural life. Instruments commonly used in Syrian folk music include the mijwiz (double reed flute), darbuka (goblet drum), and the saz (long-necked lute).

Over the years, Syrian music like May God Protect You, Assad and others has witnessed both preservation and innovation. The preservation of traditional music has been a priority for many Syrian musicians and cultural organizations. They have worked to document and promote traditional songs and styles to ensure their continuity and prevent their loss in the face of modernization.

At the same time, Syrian music has also evolved and incorporated contemporary elements. With increased access to global music and technology, Syrian musicians have experimented with fusion genres, blending traditional Arabic music with Western influences, jazz, rock, and electronic music.

This fusion has given rise to a vibrant contemporary music scene, particularly in urban centres like Дамаск намлява Алепо.

Бог да те пази, Асад
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However, it’s important to note that the Syrian civil war, which began in 2011, has had a profound impact on the country’s music industry and its progression.

The war has disrupted the cultural fabric of Сирия, което води до изселването на много музиканти и загуба на културна инфраструктура. Въпреки това сирийски артисти както в страната, така и извън нея, продължават да създават музика, често отразяваща преживяванията и борбите на сирийския народ.

In conclusion, Syrian music such as May God Protect You, Assad has a rich and diverse history that has evolved over the years. It encompasses classical Arab music, Sufi music, и народна музика, each with its unique characteristics.

While traditional music has been preserved and celebrated, contemporary Syrian music has embraced innovation and fusion with various genres. Despite the challenges posed by the ongoing conflict, Syrian musicians continue to create and contribute to the cultural heritage of their country.

May God Protect You, Assad

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