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Топ 5 съвременни мелодрами за гледане

Melodramas are a genre of drama characterized by their emphasis on heightened emotions and sensational storytelling. In melodramas, the characters’ emotions are often intense and over-the-top, and the plot frequently revolves around conflicts, moral dilemmas, and personal struggles. In this post, we will show you the top 5 contemporary melodramas you can watch right now.

Melodramas tend to portray clear distinctions between heroes and villains and often feature dramatic music and theatrical elements to amplify emotions. While melodramas can cover a wide range of themes, they are known for their emotional intensity and focus on the moral and ethical choices faced by the characters.

The Top 5 Contemparoy Melodramas

Now that we’ve explained this amazing catregory, then without any further delay, let’s take a look at the Top 5 Contemporary Melodramas to watch right now. And just for you, all of them are complete with updated IMBD ratings so that you can see their public ratings.

5. The Notebook (2h 1m)

The Notebook (2004) on IMDb
Top 5 Contemporary Melodramas
© Gran Via (The Notebook)

For the first of he Contemporary Melodramas we’ve got the Notebook for you We’ve already covered this movie before, in our Top 9 Must-Watch Romance Drama Movies & TV Shows Of All Time post. A modern romantic melodrama, this film tells the story of a passionate love affair that spans decades.

In 1940s South Carolina, mill worker Ноа Калхун (Райън Гослинг) and rich girl Allie (Рейчъл Макадамс) are desperately in love. But her parents don’t approve. When Noah goes off to serve in World War II, it seems to mark the end of their love affair.

междувременно, Allie becomes involved with another man (Джеймс Марсдън). But when Noah returns to their small town years later, on the cusp of Allie’s marriage, it soon becomes clear that their romance is anything but over.

4. Brokeback Mountain (2h 14m)

Brokeback Mountain (2014) on IMDb
Top 5 Contemporary Melodramas
© River Road Entertainment (Brokeback Mountain)

A Contemporary Melodrama that explores a forbidden love between two cowboys and the impact it has on their lives and families. The story of Brokeback Mountain is as follows: In the year 1963, Джак Туист, a rodeo cowboy played by Джейк Гиленхал, и Енис Дел Мар, a ranch hand portrayed by Heath Ledger, find employment as sheep herders in Wyoming under the rancher Joe Aguirre, played by Ранди Куейд.

It’s on one fateful night, high up on Brokeback Mountain, that Jack, fueled by alcohol, makes a pass at Ennis, a pass that is eventually reciprocated.

Въпреки Енис entering into a marriage with his longtime sweetheart, Алма, изобразен от Michelle Williams, and Jack tied the knot with a fellow rodeo rider, played by Anne Hathaway, the two men persist in their anguished and sporadic affair, a secret that endures over the span of two decades.

3. Fences (2h 19m)

Fences (2016) on IMDb
Топ 5 съвременни мелодрами за гледане сам
© Paramount Pictures (Fences)

Based on the play by Август Уилсън, this Contemporary Melodrama is a family melodrama that delves into race, identity, and personal aspirations.

Troy Maxson, изобразен от Дензъл Уошингтън, earns his livelihood as a sanitation worker in Pittsburgh during the 1950s. In his younger years, Troy harbored aspirations of becoming a professional baseball player.

However, his dreams were dashed when the major leagues started accepting black athletes, deeming him too old to pursue his passion. The bitterness stemming from this missed opportunity adds strain to his family dynamic. This tension escalates when he thwarts his son’s, played by Йован Адепо, opportunity to meet with a college football recruiter.

2. Moonlight (1h 51m)

Moonlight (2016) on IMDb
Топ 5 съвременни мелодрами за гледане сам
© A24 (Moonlight)

Explore the pivotal stages in the life of Хирон, a young African American man coming of age in Маями. Throughout his remarkable odyssey into adulthood, he finds his path shaped by the compassion, encouragement, and affection of the community that plays a pivotal role in his upbringing.

A coming-of-age contemporary melodrama that examines the life of a young black man as he navigates issues of identity, sexuality, and family.

2. A Star Is Born (2h 15m)

A Star Is Born (2018) on IMDb

This musical contemporary melodrama follows the tumultuous love story between a fading musician and a rising star, tackling themes of addiction and fame.

A seasoned musician named Джаксън Мейн crosses paths with Ally, a struggling artist, and their connection quickly deepens into love. Ally had nearly abandoned her aspirations of achieving stardom as a singer until Джаксън persuades her to step into the limelight.

However, as Ally’s career soars to new heights, the personal dimension of their relationship begins to unravel, with Jackson grappling with his own persistent inner struggles.

1. Marriage Story (2h 16m)

Marriage Story (2019) on IMDb

A contemporary melodrama that explores the dissolution of a marriage, focusing on the emotional and legal challenges faced by the couple.

This contemporary melodrama follows a stage director and his actress wife who grapple with a demanding cross-country divorce that challenges them both personally and creatively, pushing them to their limits.

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